Automobiles introduced to the market in the automotive sector are evaluated in many different ways and purchased according to these evaluations. One of the auto parts examined and evaluated by the buyer is the body. For this reason, when buying a vehicle, you should have information about what features should be considered in the bodywork.

What is Body?

Vehicles are formed by the combination of approximately 30,000 parts. Each part has a separate task. For this reason, every part of the vehicle is very important. The skeleton that emerges from the combination of all the parts is called the bodywork. The main part that gives the exterior shape of the car is the hood.

Bodywork means the sheet metal part of the vehicle. In short, it is the sheet metal part covering the car. Thus, it includes the engine, cabin and other parts of the vehicle. For this reason, it is very important for the safety of the parts of the vehicle and the safety of the people in the event of an accident.

In motor vehicles, it covers the engine part of the vehicle. Therefore, it has an opening and closing structure. Although the part that covers only the engine compartment is defined as the hood, it generally covers the outer structure of the car.

What is the Purpose of the Body?

The most important task of the bodywork is to minimize the injuries that may occur by mitigating the damage that will occur in the event of an accident. Therefore, the durability of the hood is very important. At the same time, the hood forms the make-up surface of the vehicle. For this reason, the most important point for people who care about the exterior of the vehicle is whether the parts that make up the body are damaged.

What material is the body made of?

The main purpose of the hood, as mentioned above, is to protect the driver and passengers against all kinds of dangers. At the same time, it has the task of reducing the sounds coming from other parts. For this reason, in the past years, fairings were produced from heavy and highly protective materials such as steel or sheet metal. The aim was to provide maximum protection in the event of an accident. However, this heavy material used created a very dangerous situation for pedestrians and other non-motorized drivers. At the same time, the heavy material used caused much higher fuel consumption.

While these heavy body materials protected the driver and passengers at the maximum level when any car was hit by a wall, it was very dangerous for pedestrians in case of collision with pedestrians. For this reason, vehicle bumpers and hoods have been started to be produced in a way that will not harm pedestrians in possible accidents.

Between 1980 and 2000, bodyworks were produced using heavy metals such as steel or sheet metal, but today much lighter and aesthetic materials have begun to be used. The materials used for the hoods both eliminate the vulnerability and increase the performance of the vehicle.

Today, aluminum or carbon fiber is often used. These materials are both extremely light and provide the desired level of security. Some vehicle companies add different filling materials to the hoods to increase safety.

What can be done in case the body is damaged?

Body damage is one of the most common situations. If there is any damage to the hood of the vehicle, you can change the hood if you want, or you can have the damage repaired. It is possible for the damaged body to regain its previous appearance with repair and painting processes. However, in severe damage, the hood needs to be changed.

Changing the hood is not a preferred method unless it is something very serious. Because this change causes the market value of the vehicle to decrease.

Body Parts Produced in Our Factory

  • Front Grille
  • Front Grille Cover
  • Hood Side Plate
  • Front Grille Side Sheet
  • Front Grille Lower Pan Plate
  • Battery Service Cover
  • Foot Step Plate
  • Side Panel Sheet
  • Anterior Nose Head
  • Front Grille Upper Part

The body parts that we produce as HARS Tractor are not limited to those listed. You can examine the spare parts we produce in detail on our website.

Brands shown for reference purposes only. It does not mean that it is an original product.