It was established in Canada in 1847 as a manufacturer of agricultural equipment and agricultural machinery. It is a trademark of AGCO Corporation. Its headquarters is in the United States. In accordance with the Massey Ferguson brand, our factory produces powertrain, rear arrangement, steering, exhaust, fuel tank, brake, ventilation, hydraulic, hood, engine and front arrangement parts.

About Massey Ferguson

Massey Ferguson was founded in 1847 by Daniel Massey in Newcastle, Ontario. It started its activities as a small and at the same time simple agricultural equipment repair shop in Canada. Its current structure was formed in 1953 when it merged with Harry Ferguson Limited.

The most characteristic and well-known feature of the tractors belonging to Massey Ferguson is that they are only red in color. It is currently owned by the AGCO Corperation brand.

Massey Ferguson Agricultural Technology

The following are aimed with precision agriculture technologies;

• Monitoring the machines,

• Easy use of equipment,

• At the same time, efficient use of equipment,

• More detailed analysis of the studies,

• Keeping expenses under control


It is digital farming technology operated by AFCO Corp. It is also a globally open platform. Fuse supports AGCO's brands as well as after-sales services with a comprehensive suite of digital solutions. At the same time, Fuse empowers farmers to make the best individual decisions regarding their operations. In this way, it maximizes efficiency and profitability. ith the Fuse system, it is aimed to;

  • Waste reduction,
  • Resource saving,
  • Increase in productivity,
  • Cost reduction,
  • Risk reduction

Fuse Smart Agricultural Products

All Year 360°

For general connectivity as well as for use throughout the entire product cycle.


It is aimed to minimize the amount of wasted resources. At the same time, it is aimed to protect the crops and feed the crops.


It has three different purposes:

  • Improvement of field preparation,
  • Ensuring planting sensitivity,
  • Seed – minimizing fertilizer input.

Massey Ferguson Products

It has a wide range of products. Available products are as follows:

  • Tractor
  • Combine Harvester
  • Balers
  • Forage Harvesters

There are many series and models of these products mentioned. Original HARS products are produced in our factory in accordance with these series and models. There are many spare parts produced for Massey Ferguson.

Tractor Series and Models of Massey Ferguson


MF 8700S

It has 400 horsepower. It has an 'All-in-One' Stage V engine as well as a Dyna - VT transmission.


It is easy to use and also reliable. It has 305 horsepower. It has an 'All-in-One' Stage V engine as well as multiple transmissions.

Massey Ferguson MF 7S

This model, which is suitable for superior farming experience, has 210 horsepower. AGCO Power has a 6.6 liter and also a 6-cylinder engine. At the same time, this model has a multi-transmission.

MF 7700S

It has 255 horsepower and also multiple engines. At the same time, multiple transmissions are also available in this model.


It has 180 horsepower. Its engine is AGCO Power 4.9 liters and also 4-cylinder. It is another model with multiple transmissions.

Massey Ferguson MF 6700 S

This tractor, which has concentrated and pure power, has 180 horsepower. It has an 'All-in-One' Stage V engine as well as multiple transmissions.


It is the best dairy and livestock tractor in its class. It has 145 horsepower and also AGCO Power 4.4 liter and 4-cylinder engine. At the same time, the MF 5S model also has a multiple transmission.

Brands shown for reference purposes only. It does not mean that it is an original product.