Fuel Tank


Fuel tanks are the sections where the fuels necessary for the progress of motor vehicles are stored. It provides safe storage of flammable liquid on the vehicle. It is available in every vehicle, but its capacity differs from vehicle to vehicle.

What is a Diesel Tank?

These are the tanks used to provide the fuel needed for the operation of the vehicles. The fuel tank ensures that the diesel is stored safely inside the vehicle. It is usually made of plastic or metal material.

What is the Capacity of the Fuel Tank?

The capacity of the fuel tanks varies according to the vehicle used. Usually vehicle tanks have a capacity between 45 and 65 liters.

While smaller diesel tanks are used in small vehicles, more capacity tanks are used in vehicles with larger size and weight. For example; Vehicles with 4WD traction system have a large-capacity fuel tank. There is also a second warehouse in these vehicles. Thanks to these tanks, they store up to 185 liters of fuel.

Where is the fuel tank located in the vehicle?

The location of the fuel tank in the vehicles varies from vehicle to vehicle. However, in most vehicles it is located in front of the rear axle. In some vehicle models, it can be located behind the seat or in the trunk. It can also be positioned under the seats or on the chassis.

The biggest reason for the placement of diesel tanks in different places; It is to stay away from the accident area in case of accidents that may occur in the front and rear parts.

What material is the fuel tank made of?

The dimensions of the fuel tanks and the materials they are produced from may vary. Tanks produced as plastic mixed with molded polyethylene; Tanks produced as metal are produced from stamped steel or aluminum material. Generally, plastic tanks are used. This is because it provides collision safety and a better usability.

Diesel tanks have a rust-proof structure. Because dirt, rust and other sediments accumulate inside the tank. These deposits also cause rust. However, rusting tanks can be cleaned with special solutions or some mixtures. Therefore, it is useful to have it checked regularly.

Should the Fuel Tank Be Replaced?

Like other parts of the vehicle, the fuel tank must be replaced for safety in case of any malfunction. Because the fuels used in vehicles are highly flammable. Therefore, it should be stored in suitable and safe places. Therefore, if you suspect any malfunction or problem, you should definitely have it checked and have it repaired or replaced if necessary.

Things to Consider in the Fuel Tank

  • There is a possibility that the diesel tanks may be punctured. Therefore, as a result of this puncture, fuel leaks occur and threaten safety. When tanks are punctured, they usually cannot be repaired and must be replaced. Diesel tanks do not burst on their own, but in the event of an accident or when they receive a blow.
  • The fuel tank is a system that needs to be ventilated. The situations where air cannot be taken are called vacuum formation. This situation usually occurs in gasoline vehicles. A vacuum is created in the tank and this vacuum causes the inside of the tank to collapse and its structure to deteriorate. It also impairs the function of the fuel pump.
  • There is an expansion chamber in the diesel tanks. This chamber ensures that the fuel is fully filled into the tank. A pressure build-up in the diesel tank prevents the fuel from filling the tank. In such a case, the expansion chamber should be checked and, if necessary, repaired.

Fuel Tank Parts Produced in Our Factory

The parts of the diesel tank produced in our factory as HARS Tractor are as follows:

  • Fuel Tank with Lid
  • Fuel Tank Tank Covered Short Throat
  • Turkey Type Lid Diesel Storage Tank

Brands shown for reference purposes only. It does not mean that it is an original product.