1983 To The Future

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Message Form The President

H.Hüseyin Angılcı

Dear Business Partners and Employers,

Hars Tractor , which renews itself everyday and aims to graw decisively, is moving rapidly towards Success with low cast, Quality service and product without Compromising quality by maintaining inter-countrry standards –Hars Tractor which has signed successful Works in the spare parts Sectors in which it operates from our organization to date, has taken an important place in the business World market by adopting the innovative Wort and discipline it has developed as a principle.

Keeping ar social responsibility at the forefort and benefiting the enviranment and humanity, adding vabe to life in the name of homanity in this field makes us happy we also aim to do the necessary to maintsin our sustainability in the World market. Today, Hars Tractor Works for the future of the Country with about 200 employers. As Hars Tractor, we will continue to fulfill the responsibilities of the society in which we live in the bost way and contribute to the development of TURKEY On this occasion, I would like to thank all our Business Partners and employers.

King Regards,

H.Hüseyin Angılcı

History of Our Company

Founded in 1983 in Akşehir Our Campany serves as an integrated plant that produces according to ISO 9001 Stardads.

Our Company produces in 27.000 m2 closed area, 17.000 m2 processing line 10.000 m2 foundry in total 72.000 m2 area. Clutch ,flywheel , Steering, drivetrain transmission housing, differential housing , rear axle housing,front axle ,front axle sport,cover and hood with sheet metal products, such as product range is continually developing Hars Tractor produces spare parts to 58 countries on 6 continents.As the heading countrier such as UK . Netherlands, Germany ,İtaly,France,and USA. Import superior quality products, They Prefer our Hars casting and other products.

  • Country 58
  • Employee 230+
  • Product Capacity 2000 +
  • Closed Area 30.000 M2
  • Production Area 72.000 M2

Our Vision:

To be a pioneer and leader in tractor spare parts and clutch pressures, and to be a world brand that makes a difference with profitable and sustainable growth that adopts quality as a principle.





Our Mission;

- To produce quality and comfort products at international standards,
- To produce low-cost, affordable products by blending current and developing technologies with our long-term experience and to ensure efficient use of resources, and to ensure production continuity under all conditions,
- To keep customer satisfaction at the maximum level by producing solutions that will meet the expectations of the society,
- All our activities; to be committed to moral values, respectful to society, environment, people and nature.