The brake system is one of the parts of the vehicle and is used purely for safety. Modern vehicles have a two-way braking system. The quality of the parts used in this system, which allows the vehicle to slow down or stop in any situation, is very important for driving safety.

What is Brake?

Brake is the mechanism used to reduce the speed of a vehicle or to stop its movement. Braking systems, on the other hand, are systems that are usually found in motor vehicles and have a complex structure.

This system, which is used to stop or slow down the vehicle, must have a powerful mechanism. Because a weak system will not slow down the vehicle safely.

Today, modern braking systems are used in cars. In this way, situations such as skidding or overturning of vehicles are prevented.

How Does the Brake System Work?

Today, different braking systems are used to ensure driving safety. But basically, when the brake pedal is pressed, the hydraulic fluid in the system changes. This change is transmitted to the discs with the help of the piston. The friction cover on the disc causes the vehicle to slow down or stop.

The more force applied to the brake pedal, the more pressure the discs are subjected to. Therefore, the speed of rotation of the wheel slows down.

Where Are Disc Brakes Located On The Vehicle?

Disc brakes are usually located at the front of the vehicles. However, disc brakes can be found on all four wheels. Where the brakes matter is the front. Because the best braking is done by the front wheels. In addition, the effect of braking is best felt on the front wheels.

Types of Brake System

The types of braking systems vary according to the models, sizes and features of the vehicles. The main types used are as follows;

Hydraulic Brake System

This system makes use of hydraulic oil pressure when operating the braking system. When the brake is pressed, the piston moves and the calipers are closed by the pressure of the oil. Then the brake pads and the discs on the wheels stick together. In this way, the vehicle is slowed down. However, when the oil runs out, the braking system is not activated.

Air Brake System

It is generally used in heavy vehicles or heavy commercial vehicles. It works with an air compressor and the available air is discharged when the brake is pressed. The discharge of air activates the braking system.

ABS System

It stands for 'anti-lock braking system'. It prevents the wheels from locking in sudden braking. It is a system aimed at providing more steering control. It turns one wheel less than the other, or activates when one wheel is not turning.

ASR System

This system has been developed to prevent the vehicle from slipping. It stands for 'anti-slip regulation.

ESP System

It stands for 'electronic stability program'. It has been developed to prevent the vehicle from skidding. However, this system works in conjunction with ABS and ASR braking systems. The ESP system is a system that monitors the movements of the driver.

EBD System

It stands for 'electronic brake force distribution system'. It provides equalization of the power distribution in the front and rear brakes. Therefore, it regulates the power of the brakes and allows the rear to come closer to the ground.

Magnetic Braking System

Also known as engine braking. The engine starts to slow down when the accelerator pedal is released. Therefore, these deceleration covers stop the engine after a while.

Hill Start Assist System

It is a braking system that prevents the vehicle from slipping on a slope or any inclined road. It applies braking to the clutch engagement point of the vehicle. This braking ends when the accelerator is pressed. Therefore, the vehicle moves safely.

MSR System

It stands for 'motor-slip regulation'. This braking system is a system that prevents the vehicle from slipping on slippery surfaces. In this way, it provides a safe ride on slippery surfaces.

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