Automobiles consist of systems such as drivetrains, engine and rear arrangement. These systems have duties such as protecting the vehicle from external factors and ensuring the operation of the vehicle. The drivetrain consists of 6 different systems.

What are drivetrains?

These are the parts that the engine transmits its power to. They are 6 pieces.

Drivetrains Working Principle

The engine creates a power with the heat energy obtained from the fuel. This power is transferred to the gearbox via the clutch. The gearbox transmits the movement from the engine to the shaft, shaft to the differential, to the differential axle. Finally, the generated power is transmitted to the wheels by the axles. Therefore, at the end of the power transmission, the vehicle moves and mechanical energy (motion energy) is obtained.

Engine power       Clutch         Gear Box            Shaft      Differential          Axle      Wheels

What are drivetrains?

  • Clutch
  • Gear Box
  • Shaft
  • Differential
  • Axle
  • Wheels


It provides gear change in the vehicle. It transmits the movement in the engine to the gearbox or disconnects it from the gearbox. Therefore, the clutch is located between the engine and the gearbox

  • If the clutch cable is broken, the vehicle will not shift into gear.
  • Hard and sudden starts cause the clutch lining to wear.
  • In addition, pressing the clutch pedal halfway while the vehicle is in motion causes the clutch ball to break down.
  • Oiled or worn clutch lining may cause possible clutch slippage.

Gear Box

The gearbox, which is one of the drivetrains, allows the speed and torque of the vehicle to be adjusted. The gear shifter allows the vehicle to move forward or backward.


It is the part that transfers the power generated in the engine and reaching the gearbox to the differential. It is a moving part because the transmission is stationary and the vehicle is not constantly moving on a straight road. Therefore, the connection points allow the part to move. At the same time, it is produced from hollow steel so that it does not make weight.

Drivetrain: Differantial

It transmits the movement of the engine to the wheels and the movement from the gearbox to the axles. It turns the movement it receives 90 degrees and transmits it to the axles. At the same time, it ensures safe driving by enabling the tractor wheels to rotate at different speeds in the corner.

Drivetrain: Axle

It is the part that transmits the movement from the differential to the wheels. In this way, the vehicle starts to move. The axle is of different types according to the class of the vehicle to be used. Axle types:

  • Half Floating Axle: It is used in some cars, rear axles of 4x4 models and pickup trucks.
  • Floating Rear Axle: While the other axle types are related to the load, the fully free floating axle shaft transmits the rotation movement from the differential to the wheel.
  • Three Quarter Floating Axşe: The tip is conical. It is used as bolted to the wheel.


The task of the wheels, which are the part of drivetrains, is to increase the braking performance. The numbers on them indicate the size of the tires.

  • Tires should be checked before getting on the vehicle.
  • While checking the tire, the air pressure, tread depth and at the same time whether it is damaged or not should be checked.
  • If the tire air pressure is low, the tire edges wear out quickly. It also causes an increase in fuel consumption. It also threatens driving safety as it causes the steering wheel to turn difficult.
  • If the air in the tires is too high; the middle part of the tires is worn and there are also vibrations. Therefore, driving comfort is reduced.
  • If one of the tires of the vehicle is old and the other is new, or if the tire pressures are different from each other, the vehicle pulls to one side. Therefore, driving comfort decreases again.
  • If the tires are old and worn, it increases the risk of accident, especially in rainy weather.
  • The vehicle is lifted with a jack to change a tire. In the meantime, the handbrake must be applied to prevent the vehicle from moving. At the same time, the wheels must be chocked.

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