It was established in 1951. It was renamed Valtra in 2001. It is a tractor manufacturer. Today it is a brand owned by AGCO Corporation. Its headquarters is in Finland. Clutch, brake and front arrangement parts are produced in accordance with this brand in our factory.

About Valtra

Valtra is a Finnish tractor manufacturer. The company was founded in 1951 as a tractor manufacturer of the Valmet company. In 2001, it was renamed Valtra. The headquarters of the company is located in Suolahti. The factory is also located here. It also has a factory in Brazil. Valtra is now part of the AGCO company.

Tractor Models Manufactured by Valtra

The tractor models produced are divided into 5 series. These series are;

  • A Serisi (74 – 98 bg)
  • AR Serisi (135 – 220 bg)
  • S Serisi (270 – 370 bg)
  • N Serisi (88 – 160 bg)
  • T Serisi (139 – 211 bg)

A Series

Originating in Scandinavia, this series has a long and deep-rooted history. It is among the most popular tractor models of the region. In accordance with the agreement reached in 2002, the production of the series is continued by Hattat Traktör in Turkey.

In addition to the advanced technology-oriented A83 and A93 models, the series includes the compact agile tractors called the A53, A63 and also the A73 models.

The design of the A series is completely based on meeting the needs of the farmer. Optimal speed range has been achieved. At the same time, all equipment can be used with high performance. It offers an environmentally friendly experience with low fuel consumption. In addition, the large fuel tank is suitable for long runs. Gear options are 16 forward 8 reverse and 12 forward 12 reverse.

Valtra A series has important features in terms of driving comfort. This series includes:

  • Soft suspension type pedals,
  • Steering wheel with low and height adjustment,
  • Handles providing ease of use,
  • Ergonomic instrument panels,
  • Spacious interior design

S Series

S series is the tractor series where efficiency is maximized and costs are minimized. It also offers a balanced performance. It is designed to handle tough jobs. It has a powerful engine and also a stepless transmission. In this way, it provides optimum weight distribution and efficient performance. It is very important to have a spacious cabin in terms of driving comfort.

  • There is AGCO Power 84 AWF engine in the S series. At the same time, AGCO Power's SCR technology was introduced with this series in 2008. Therefore, it is the first tractor in the world with this technology.
  • The new Valtra S series has two sequential turbochargers. In this way, it offers better traction at lower revs and lower exhaust temperatures. As a result, durability increases and maintenance requirements are reduced.
  • The engine in the S series reduces fuel consumption considerably. At the same time, exhaust gas recirculation is used to reduce Ad Blue consumption.

N Series

Valtra N series is an award-winning series. It is the perfect combination of size, power and comfort. It has a fluid and agile movement capacity. It also has 365 degrees of visibility. Its 4-cylinder engine ensures that every job is carried out with optimum power, precision and fuel efficiency.

T Series

The excellent visibility offered by the T series ensures full control over the terrain. The Valtra T-series is the award-winning tractor for beauty, intelligence and muscle. The power of smart technology is combined with the power of the 6-cylinder engine.

The cabin of the T series provides ease of use and comfort. At the same time, the engine used keeps costs low. It saves money, fuel and time.

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