Steering Wheel


One of the indispensable parts of a car is the steering wheel. Because the direction of the vehicle can be determined by the steering wheel. For this reason, it is very important that the steering wheel consists of quality parts, both in terms of driving comfort and driving safety.

What is Steering Wheel?

It is an important system found in motor vehicles and even in many non-motorized vehicles. It is a system that enables the vehicle to be turned in the desired direction. At the same time, this system consists of a number of parts.

It usually looks like a simple circle. However, today, the sound system includes buttons to manage tasks such as the vehicle signal system.

What is the relationship between the steering wheel and the wheel?

When it is turned to the desired direction, the wheels turn in that direction. In this way, the vehicle goes in the desired direction. The communication between the wheels and the steering wheel is provided by the shaft. There is a threaded rod on this shaft. With the movement of this rod or shaft, the gear wheel rotates. Therefore, the movement of the gear wheel drives the wheels.

There are various parts that make up the steering wheel.

Steering Wheel Parts

The parts of the steering wheel are as follows:

  • Wheel: It is connected to the steering shaft and determines the driving direction by turning the shaft. Therefore, it is the part that the driver uses to control the vehicle. It allows the driver to turn easily for a good driving and cornering performance.
  • Steering Shaft: It transfers the rotational movement of the steering wheel to the gear box. The shaft can be in one piece or it is usually in two pieces. There are two types of spindles. These; non-adjustable spindle and adjustable spindle.
  • Gear Box: The gearbox converts the motion of the circular steering wheel to linear motion. Thanks to the gear ratio, it reduces the turning force and increases the turning force applied to the wheels.
  • Rods and rod ends: Transmits motion from the steering box to the wheels to steer the wheels. Commonly heard wheel alignment is related to the steering wheel turning the wheels at the right angle. During a turn, the inner wheels must turn at a narrower angle and the outer wheels at a wider angle. As a result of the disruption of this order, the wheel must be adjusted.
  • Shock Absorber: It is used in off-road vehicles and heavy vehicles to reduce effects such as impact from the wheel.

The power/hydraulic steering also includes the following parts:

  • Joint
  • Hydraulic pump

What is Power Steering?

The number of power steering has increased in recent years. The reason for this is the comfort and lightness felt especially when cornering. Because the hydraulic system helps to turn the steering wheel more easily.

It is called hydraulic because it works with the help of hydraulic fluid. It was found in luxury vehicles when it was first used, but over time it has become an indispensable system for all automobiles.

What Does Power Steering Do?

This system primarily helps the vehicle to turn more smoothly. However, its benefits are not limited to this.

  • It consumes minimum energy for the driver to turn the steering wheel.
  • It provides more rotation with less movement during rotation.
  • It prevents the loss of steering control as a result of a possible tire explosion in the vehicle.
  • It provides more comfortable parking in narrow and difficult areas.
  • It prevents the blows to be transferred to the steering wheel.

Steering Parts Produced in Our Factory

The parts we produce as HARS Traktör A.Ş are as follows:

  • Steering box
  • Steering box cover
  • Hydraulic axle arm
  • Remote control
  • Hydraulic tie rod
  • Sector tie rod
  • Hydraulic lower gooseneck
  • Hydraulic lower rod / upper rod

The original HARS products we produce are innovative, durable and functional. At the same time, it goes through the necessary procedures and tests so that you can use it safely.

Brands shown for reference purposes only. It does not mean that it is an original product.