Front Alignment

The parts that make up the rear alignment in automobiles are called the rear order assembly, and the parts that make up the front alignment are called the front alignment assembly. Therefore, these components consist of various parts. As HARS Tractor, we produce the necessary spare parts for tractors, including front and rear layout parts.


It is called the system formed by the parts that make up the front of the vehicle. The rod consists of parts such as tie rod end, worm gear or shock absorber. This component transmits the commands of the steering movements to the wheels via the worm gear. For this reason, it is very important for driving safety that it works smoothly.

At the same time, this system should work smoothly in order for the tires to have a long life and the vehicle's handling is good. In addition, this system is directly proportional to the comfort while driving.

What Are Front Alignment Parts?

The parts that make up the front alignment;

  • Axle
  • Tie Rod –Tie Rod End
  • Suspension System
  • Shock Absorber
  • Suspension System
  • Z Rod
  • Swing Arms and Ball Joints
  • Swings
  • Shock Absorber Mounts

Front alignment: Axle

Axles are the parts that transfer the movement from the differential to the wheels. Basic parts of the axle;

  • Axle arm
  • Axle boot
  • Gears
  • Ball

Bad roads can cause the axles to break down. Therefore, regular checks should be made. If the tearing or wear in the axle bellows is not intervened in time, the gears and balls in the bellows will deteriorate over time. The most important clue in axle failure is sound.

Tie Rod – Tie Rod End

The rods located between the front alignment components transmit the commands transmitted from the steering wheel to the wheels. Tie rods are connected to tires with tie rod ends. Since these parts enable the vehicle to move in the desired direction, it is very important not to neglect their maintenance and at the same time their changes.

Suspension System

The task of the suspension system is to maintain the connection of the wheels with the road in all road conditions. Therefore, it ensures that the entered potholes or broken roads are passed with minimum vibration. At the same time, the control of the vehicle is directly related to the suspension system.

Springs in the suspension system are one of the most important parts of this system. Because they directly affect the driving comfort and handling performance of the vehicle.

Front alignment: Shock Absorber

The shock absorber is included in the operating system of the springs. Shock absorbers provide balance while the springs are working in the up and down direction of the wheels on the bump. Therefore, shock absorbers are not parts that work alone.

There are two different types:

  • Single-acting shock absorber
  • Double acting shock absorber

Suspension System

The suspension system springs and shock absorbers in the front alignment assembly are the parts that fix the vehicle's chassis. If it connects the front wheels, it is called the front suspension system, if it connects the rear wheels, it is called the rear suspension system. This system is a system that allows the wheels to press straight on the road when cornering.

Z Rod

It is the part responsible for the balance of the vehicle. It is the part that is responsible for the balance, especially in the corners. For this reason, it is also known as z-rod stabilizer bars. These bars reduce the difference in angle between the outward-swinging vehicle and the wheels. In this way, they keep the vehicle in balance.

Swing Arms and Ball Joints

The wishbones and ball joints connect the axle to the wishbones. Ball joints ensure that the axle remains connected to the wheels in all situations.


The duty of the swings is to protect the front of the vehicles against any impact. They also help hold the parts that make up the front alignment assembly together.

Shock Absorber Mounts

Shock absorber mounts are the parts that allow the shock absorbers to be fixed to the vehicle in a way that they can move freely. It is possible to fail over time. Because they are parts that are exposed to stretching, expansion and various impacts. If you hear squeaking noises while turning the steering wheel, it is useful to check the shock absorber wedges.

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