Exhaust is one of the most important parts of motor vehicles. Because it is not possible to talk about the principle of an internal combustion engine in a vehicle without exhaust. It is a system found in internal combustion engines and at the same time that allows the burning gas to be discharged. In short, it is an automobile part that expels the waste gas.

What is Exhaust?

Exhaust is a system that provides both the discharge of the burning gas and absorbs the sound. In this way, sound pollution is prevented. This system regularly throws out the waste gases accumulated in the engine and at the same time filters it. In addition, the water level in the exhaust is removed by evaporation.

Exhaust Parts

This system consists of various parts. The parts that make up the exhaust are as follows:

  • Catalytic Converter: It ensures that harmful gases become harmless by chemical reaction.
  • Outer Housing: It is the part that forms the outer structure of the exhaust. They are protection coatings produced from steel or galvanized. Therefore, it is the part that protects the exhaust from impact and damage.
  • Ceramic Honeycombs: It is a type of converter. It is a part that increases the properties of catalysts 700 times. In this way, oxidation and reduction of toxic gases is ensured at the maximum level.
  • Exhaust Manifold: It ensures that the waste gas in the cylinder is discharged with the help of the exhaust pipe and also the muffler. It is designed to ensure that the burning gas is discharged as quickly as possible.
  • Exhaust Pipes: It is divided into three parts as front, center and tail. They are also parts made of steel. The volume of the pipe is designed to be twice the volume of the engine cylinder so that the gases coming out of the cylinder can be discharged better.
  • Silencer: It is the part that helps to reduce the noise. It allows the gases to discharge slowly. It also provides cooling of gases. The waste gases pass firstly to the exhaust manifold, then to the exhaust pipe and finally to the muffler. These gases are discharged by the tail pipe.

There are two types of silencer:

Straight-Through Silencers: It consists of several interlocking pipes. The smoke entering the muffler continues without changing direction.

Reverse Flow Silencers: There are non-consecutive pipes and compartments inside the muffler box. Smoke entering the muffler expands and cools with back and forth movements. It is then thrown out in a way that has lost its voice and speed.

Working Principle of Exhaust

The sound produced by the running engine firstly enters the exhaust from the inlet pipe. The higher the speed of the vehicle, the louder the sound from the engine. Loud noise / noise coming from the exhaust pipe is transmitted to the muffler. Sounds coming into the muffler overlap each other and therefore lower each other's decibels. Also, sound waves entering the pipe enter through hundreds of tiny holes and exit through hundreds of tiny holes. Noises cannot be completely eliminated, but are reduced as much as possible. In this way, the sound of the exhaust decreases to a level that does not disturb people.

What Material Are Exhaust Pipes Made Of?

Exhaust pipes are made of non-rusting steel. Because the gas and water vapors produced by the vehicle while operating cause the pipes to rust. For this reason, these pipes should be produced from non-rusting steel material.

Also, the design of the exhaust is also very important. Because the more the waste gas goes out, the better the vehicle's engines and parts are cleaned. In this way, they work with much better performance.

Exhaust Parts Produced in Our Factory

  • Painted Curved
  • Static Painted Curved
  • Enamel Curved
  • Fireproof Painted Curved
  • Painted
  • Static Painted
  • Enamel
  • Fireproof Painted
  • Painted Bottom Curved End
  • Under Hood Fireproof Painted
  • Fireproof Painted / Enameled Exhaust Pipe
  • Elbow

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