Rear Alignment


The parts that make up the rear in automobiles are known as the rear alignment. Our factory has different products for rear alignment. In addition, our product range in spare parts is expanding day by day.

Rear Alignment Parts We Produced

  1. Differential Sleeve Cover (Included in our product range as Left / Right, Thick Ball, Hollow and Different Sizes.)
  2. Differential Rear Axle Sleeve Cover
  3. Traction Gear Box
  4. Differential Rear Cover
  5. Rear Axle Sleeve (It is included in our product range as Right / Left, Round Dry Type.)
  6. Carrier Metal Sheet
  7. Traction Sheet (Crescent, Conical, Steel are included in our product range.)
  8. Rear Tow ( It is included in our product range as Right / Left.)

What is Differential?

There are also differential parts among the products we produce for the rear alignment. In differential cars, when cornering, the inner wheels turn differently than those on the outside. In this way, driving safety can be ensured. At the same time, the cornering process can be completed successfully. If the wheels turn at the same speed in the corner, the corner cannot be turned and also an accident situation occurs.

The differential is the part that enables the corner to be turned successfully. Therefore, it is activated when the vehicle is cornering. It is available in all vehicles and thanks to the differential, cornering is easy and at the same time safe.

The differential is one of the drivetrains in the vehicle. You can find our article about the drivetrains here.

Rear Alignment: Differential Types

Differential types are divided into 5 main groups:

  • Open Differential – Classical Differential: It is one of the commonly used differential types. It transmits the torque from the engine to both wheels equally. Therefore, the traction force on the right wheel is always the same as on the left wheel. However, this only applies to traction power. It is not possible to say such a thing about the rotational speed of the wheels.
  • Locked Differentia: The differential helps the vehicle to turn corners by allowing the wheels to rotate at different speeds. However, the opposite situation exists in the locked differential. Therefore, the locked differential ensures that both wheels rotate at the same speed. It is the most preferred differential type.
  • Rear Alignment: Dynamic Torque Controlled Differential: It is a type of differential used in four-wheel drive cars. It increases the weight of the vehicle. It also controls the torque to all four wheels by distributing them separately. It also causes an increase in fuel consumption.
  • Electrically Controlled Limited Slip Differential: It is used more frequently in upper segment vehicles. The electrically controlled limited-slip differential engages automatically and at the same time intervenes sensitively, broadly, from skidding.
  • Limited Slip Differential: It is designed to protect the vehicle. Therefore, if the amount of rotation between the two wheels exceeds a certain limit, it is activated. Then the axle shafts lock each other and the difference between the revolutions disappears.

Rear Alignment: What is Sprocket?

It is a word that is used for almost all heavy machinery such as tractor, loader, excavator and means pulling - dragging. They are the ultimate power transmissions of the machine in which they are used.

Among the parts we produce for the rear alignment is the traction gearbox. The sprocket is used in crawler gear transmission systems. It is also known as planetary gear system. Allows the movement to be transferred to pallets. It can be located behind or in front of the vehicle.

The working principle of the sprocket is as follows:

The sprocket grips the plates of the pallet chain and transfers the movement to the pallets. The movement of the gear turns into linear motion on the track belt. In this way, linear movement of the vehicle is ensured. In pallets where high speed is required, the sprocket should be as small and light as possible.

Brands shown for reference purposes only. It does not mean that it is an original product.